4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Have you been putting off replacing the windows in your home? Most homeowners worry about the expense of window replacement; however, rundown windows can cost you more over the long-run. At Weatherhead& Sons, we work hard to offer you the latest window styles at an affordable price. Our first priority has always been to help clients reclaim their homes through quality windows.

At Weatherhead& Sons, we try to empower our clients by giving them the information they need to make good decisions for their household. Whether you are looking to replace your windows immediately, or later down the road, listed below are four signs it may be time to replace your windows.


Drafts are what you might expect in a centuries-old castle, but not in your modern home. If you’ve been sealing and weather stripping, you should know that these are only temporary fixes. If you find that these tactics aren’t enough to stop cold air(Hide Link) from blasting into your home, it may be time for a complete window replacement. At Weatherhead& Sons, we can help you select a model that will eliminate the drafts in your home.

Condensation inside Double or Triple-Paned Windows

The advantage of double or triple-paned windows is that they insulate your home from the cold. However, when condensation forms between the window panels, this can be a sign that the seal has been broken. Over time, wooden window frames can warp to create gaps along the frame. These gaps allow moisture in, which can cause your windows to constantly look foggy. When your windows are letting in cold air and you can’t even look through them, you may want to consider a complete window replacement from Weatherhead& Sons.

Difficulty Opening or Shutting Windows

One of the major appeals of windows is being able to let in fresh air. However, struggling to open or close your windows canlimit their usefulness. Over time, the wood framing of your windows can expand and contract with the changing temperatures and humidity common to Michigan’s climate. When this happens, please do not hesitate to contact our Grand Rapids office. At Weatherhead& Sons, we are always willing to help homeowners find budget-friendly solutions for their windows.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills can be a symptom of poor quality windows. The more cold air that bypasses your windows, the more heat your HVAC system will have to produceto keep your home at its programmed temperature. Smart homeowners know that sometimes you have to invest money into your home in order to transform it into a more comfortable and functional space. Today’s windows are much more energy efficient, which can save you money on your next energy bill.

If you are interested in our window replacement service, please feel free to call our Grand Rapids office at (616) 785-8080. At Weatherhead& Sons, we are proud to help homeowners make their homes a more comfortable place during the winter months.